Got a tree that's not looking too good lately?

Save your sick tree with a little tree surgery. We are skilled and trained in the techniques needed to breathe new life into old or ailing trees.

With some qualified attention and care, your old or ailing tree can be encouraged back to life again. This technique is commonly referred to as "tree surgery". We are very knowledgeable on where to focus and which limbs require attention or removal to assist the recovery of your tree.

Other benefits include reducing the risk of storm damage, improving the general health and enhancing life and vitality of the tree for years to come. 

Used in combination with "Dead-Wooding" technique to remove dead limbs, significantly reducing hazards and increasing the safety for your family and property.

During removal of dead and/or unhealthy limbs, we identify and preserve any potential wildlife habitat hollows (see our habitat page for more information).


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